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Offensive security tools and quality penetration testing to help protect your real-time communications systems against attack.

Penetration Testing and Security Research

Our pentesting (ethical hacking) services involve manual processes and use the same techniques today’s cybercriminals use, in a controlled and communicated manner. The aim is to determine where the target is vulnerable and suggest fixes for the  identified security flaws.

We provide you with detailed reports outlining our methodology, extensive details about the vulnerabilities found, step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce our findings and suggestions on how to address the security issues found. Together with that, we typically provide tools and exploit code to easily reproduce the vulnerabilities found.

Headquartered in Germany

About us

We provide offensive security tools and services to help clients create secure Real-time Communications (RTC) systems. Our clients are able to measure the level of their RTC security consistently and observe significant improvement in the robustness of their system.


Our published works

Over the years, we have published technical papers, security tools and advisories to share our insights with the security community and the public.

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