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Whitebox security testing
for VoIP and WebRTC

An open-book approach is often the most efficient way to identify security vulnerabilities at scale. Therefore, our whitebox security audits cover custom applications and configuration of various servers.

Illustration of an eye looking at lines of code

Don’t just scratch the surface

Secure code and configuration review works in combination with other techniques such as Penetration Testing and Fuzz testing.

Love open-source
VoIP software

We use as Kamailio and Asterisk ourselves and have great experience reviewing code and configuration of various open-source VoIP and WebRTC solution.

a holistic view

Source code and configuration secure review is not done in isolation. Instead, it is complementary to manual penetration testing.

An open
book approach

Access to the source-code, whether it be C, Go, Python, PHP to Erlang and beyond, gives us super-powers to gain advantage over the majority of adversaries.

Find vulnerabilities at the source

Most security vulnerabilities are found in source code or configuration. Have us pin-point exactly where fixes can be applied, leading to better security solutions.

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secure code and configuration review?

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