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Why perform Fuzz Testing?

VoIP, WebRTC and critical system software is often written in languages like C and C++ that are not memory-safe. In such cases, fuzzing generally catches security vulnerabilities that traditional pentesting and secure code reviews miss.

Illustration of a measuring instrument maxing-out

Extend your security
efforts with fuzzing

We have developed internal frameworks to perform both whitebox, coverage-guided fuzzing and blackbox, network-based fuzzing. Our methodologies complement each other and ensure better coverage.

Proven results

Our fuzz testing methodology led to various public advisories, security reports and CVEs that were previously unknown.

Whitebox approach

Coverage-guided instrumented fuzzing is an efficient approach to finding vulnerabilities within the code.

Blackbox approach

Network-based fuzzing for various protocols, including HTTP, SIP, RTP and various custom protocols too.

Custom fuzzing

We develop our own fuzz testing tools, measure test coverage and reuse our internal software to great effect.

Interested in
fuzz testing your software?

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