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What is an RTC
Penetration Test?

A specialized penetration test that not only covers web applications or standard network services, but also vulnerabilities specific to SIP, RTP and various other components found in VoIP and WebRTC infrastructure.

Illustration of a hammer smashing a tablet's screen

Expertise in VoIP and
WebRTC penetration testing.

Thanks to years of pentesting VoIP platforms, we have developed tools, unique methodology and expertise to test for VoIP vulnerabilities.

Love open-source
VoIP solutions

We use open-source software such as as Kamailio and Asterisk too and have pentested OSS in various engagements.

Know proprietary solutions

We have tested platforms from various vendors including Cisco and Avaya, and published vulnerabilities in such platforms.

WebRTC vulnerabilities

We have unique experience testing custom WebRTC applications and infrastructure, whether proprietary or not.

Research based Penetration Testing

We understand what sort of vulnerabilities apply to your business and focus on those that are relevant to you.

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