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Looking to up your
RTC security testing game?

SIPVicious PRO helps security teams, QA and developers battle-test modern VoIP and WebRTC systems, applications and protocols for manual and automated testing.

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RTC security testing beyond SIP

Not just

In addition to SIP over UDP, SIPVicious PRO supports SIP over different transport protocols including TCP, TLS and WebSocket. Tests for RTP included.
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Very fast

SIPVicious PRO’s concurrent design allow it to achieve extraordinary speeds, especially useful for flood attacks with rate limiting capabilities.
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Do not push new code or configuration without automated security testing first. Test for vulnerabilities on each commit + fuzzing & DoS testing done regularly.
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Discover unknown

Fuzzing modules which help identify security flaws that lurk in the code, whether it be the SIP stack, SIP/RTP parser or the codecs.
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What features are supported?

Wide variety of protocols

Support for a wide variety of protocols including SIP, SDP, SDES, RTP, DTLS, SIP TLS and WebSocket


DTLS-SRTP, TURN and STUN and SIP over WebSocket


Mutation-based testing to find security violations

Encrypted traffic

SIP servers with TLS as well as client certificates supported, together with SDES-SRTP and DTLS-SRTP

DoS testing

Various modules to aid with Denial of Service testing

RFC compliant

Complies to the standards (unless the attack requires non-compliance)

SIP message modification

All SIP related tools in SIPVicious PRO allow customization of SIP messages before they are sent via a powerful templating system


To integration within automated testing processes, including CI/CD pipelines, each tool supports exit codes and JSON output

Utilities for manual testing

A number of tools to aid with manual debugging and tests

Attacks on the media

Various attacks affecting an often neglected vector

STIR/SHAKEN Experimental

Fuzzing and support for calls signed with STIR/SHAKEN, in addition to support for manual attacks using the protocol

Ever growing list of attack tools

Each attack tool is commercially supported with new tools being developed. See our roadmap.

Support for advanced
attacks out-of-the-box

SIP Flood DoS

Standard and advanced SIP Flood Denial of Service (DoS) testing

SIP digest leak

Test user-agent clients and servers for leakage of digest challenge response

SIP online password cracker

Online SIP digest authentication password cracking on both registrar servers and proxy servers

SIP extension enumeration

Identify SIP extensions or addresses on a given target server

SIP method enumeration

Find out which SIP methods are supported and if any allow authentication bypass

SIP method fuzzer

Fuzzes each SIP method, headers and body to find SIP parser and logic issues

RTP bleed

Check media servers and RTP proxies for this wide-spread vulnerability

RTP inject

Inject RTP packets in ongoing media streams targeting both media servers and clients

STIR/SHAKEN fuzzer Experimental

Fuzz the STIR/SHAKEN SIP headers to identify parser and logic issues

RTP fuzzer Experimental

Fuzz the RTP packets to identify vulnerabilities in the RTP parser and codec handling


SIPVicious PRO is provided to approved vendors and implementers
of VoIP and WebRTC infrastructure as part of a subscription.

Service Provider or Vendor


800 /mo



800 one-time

Do you have questions? Consult the FAQ. Software licencing agreement available here.


Simple, transparent and predictable pricing

  1. All features included, no limitations
  2. Pause, resume or cancel at any time
  3. Support included as part of your subscription
  4. Introductory workshop

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SIPVicious PRO

SIPVicious PRO has been used to find several previously unknown security vulnerabilities.

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