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SIPVicious PRO
Introductory workshop

This workshop introduces attendees to all the concepts and features of the toolset. It also serves to pass on basic knowledge of security tests that can be performed with SIPVicious PRO.

4h 1-15 Web meeting

This workshop has a strong practical element and attendees join a virtual private server and attack our purposely-vulnerable target system during the practical parts of the workshop. These tests are done on platforms that controlled by Enable Security, the requirements for the attendees are minimal.


  1. Knowledge of SIP and RTP protocols
  2. Familiarity with VoIP
  3. Normal usage command line tools
  4. SIPVicious PRO subscription

What will be covered?


Practical tutorial with in-depth explanations of each security test based on our main tutorial


    1. Why use SIPVicious PRO?
    2. Why take an offensive security approach in RTC?
    3. Overview of SIPVicious PRO’s feature-set

    The toolset

    Further in depth explanation for tests not covered in tutorial, with special focus on the following.

    1. DoS flood tests
    2. Fuzzing tests
    3. How to use the non-security utilities within SIPVicious PRO


    1. Introduction to integration with your CI
    2. How exit codes and JSON output is used
    3. How to request support and debug SIPVicious PRO

    Meet the Trainers

    Your guides in making the most out of your RTC security testing journey.

    Sandro Gauci, CEO at Enable Security

    Sandro Gauci

    CEO, Chief Mischief Officer

    Sandro Gauci is known as the original developer of SIPVicious OSS, the SIP security toolset. He helps develop offensive security tools in the RTC space and provides penetration testing services.
    Alfred Farrugia, R&D at Enable Security

    Alfred Farrugia

    R&D, Chief Demolition Officer

    Alfred Farrugia is the lead developer of SIPVicious PRO, does reverse engineering, fuzzing, DoS simulation and security research.