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Curious about future features available to our subscribers?

We have big plans for SIPVicious PRO.

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Roadmap for
SIPVicious PRO

Here’s what’s cooking in the SIPVicious PRO lab.

RTP fuzzing Experimental

Send malformed RTP packets and payloads

STIR/SHAKEN Experimental

STIR/SHAKEN fuzzing and STIR/SHAKEN specific tests

TCP flood Experimental

An extremely effective DoS tool exhausting the number of TCP connections

SIP fuzzing server Experimental

Fuzz SIP clients (UAC) by pointing them to this server

SIP iterator tool Experimental

Fuzz SIP clients (UAC) by pointing them to this server

SIP call fuzzing

Send malformed in-dialog messages and observe the result

STUN and TURN fuzzing

Fuzzing of STUN and TURN packets

TURN relay abuse

Misuse TURN relays to reach internal services

Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

Cross-site Scripting (XSS) using SIP as injection vector

XML External Entity (XXE)

XML External Entity (XXE) vulnerability testing for SIP

SIP injection tests

SQL and LDAP injection using SIP as injection vector

Offline password cracking

Offline password cracking of SIP credentials

Slow Denial of Service (DoS) testing

Slowloris Denial of Service (DoS) testing adapted to SIP

XMPP attacks

XMPP enumeration, DoS security tests, online password cracking, XMPP manual testing tool

Custom signalling protocol support

Support for using custom signaling protocols, especially useful for WebRTC security testing

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