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How do you move forward with RTC security testing?

Our VoIP and WebRTC security training and workshops are aimed to help you make positive changes to your organisation’s RTC security posture.

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RTC security workshops
and training

Having feature-rich security tools rarely is enough. The know-how to use these tools and techniques to their fullest potential is what leads to significant improvement and results.
It is only by doing, that we can gain new skills. Therefore, we provide RTC security training with plenty of in-depth material and practical exercises.

SIPVicious PRO
Introductory workshop

Gets you accustomed to the concepts and features of the toolset with practical exercises.
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Automating RTC
Security testing

If you are looking into integrating security tools with your automated testing processes, this one is aimed at you.
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Fuzzing RTC
applications and servers

Learn general fuzzing techniques as well as those specific to VoIP and WebRTC environments.
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DoS and DDoS with
SIPVicious PRO and beyond

Go beyond SIP INVITE flood and learn to break the various components of your RTC system.
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Advanced RTC security
Testing and vulnerabilities

We recommend this one if you need to gain further insight and practical skills on testing VoIP and WebRTC security.
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Meet the Trainers

Your guides in making the most out of your RTC security testing journey.

Sandro Gauci, CEO at Enable Security

Sandro Gauci

CEO, Chief Mischief Officer

Sandro Gauci is known as the original developer of SIPVicious OSS, the SIP security toolset. He helps develop offensive security tools in the RTC space and provides penetration testing services.
Alfred Farrugia, R&D at Enable Security

Alfred Farrugia

R&D, Chief Demolition Officer

Alfred Farrugia is the lead developer of SIPVicious PRO, does reverse engineering, fuzzing, DoS simulation and security research.